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The Placer-Sacramento Gateway Plan (PSGP) is a comprehensive multimodal corridor plan in compliance with the 2018 Comprehensive Multimodal Corridor Plan Guidelines. It is sponsored by Caltrans District 3, Capitol Corridor Joint Powers Authority (CCJPA), Placer County Transportation Planning Agency (PCTPA), and Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG).


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The Gateway Corridor is one of several major transportation corridors within the Placer and Sacramento regions and fulfills a critical role in local, regional, and statewide transportation systems. It includes segments of I-80, Business 80, and Highway 65, as well as parallel local roadways, transit lines, and bikeways. As such, the corridor poses a dynamic and complex operating environment for its users and operators. An executive summary of the plan is available here.


Placer-Sacramento Gateway Plan Logo


Altogether, the PSGP includes nearly 150 multimodal transportation improvement projects along the study corridor to address the existing corridor challenges.

The following types of corridor improvement projects:

  • Roadway/Transportation Systems Management Projects
  • Transit Projects
  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects


The development of the Gateway Plan was informed by a robust community engagement process to understand the values of the public, stakeholders, and corridor users, including those of disadvantaged communities located along the corridor. The Gateway Plan team engaged more than 5,000 community members by employing the following strategies: stakeholder meetings, community workshops, pop-up events, a social media campaign, email/newsletter blasts, and personal notification to more than 175 groups and organizations to encourage community participation. Summaries of all the outreach efforts are available below.